JUST FOR FEN is a healthy quick serve restaurant dedicated to bringing you the most optimal taste from Guizhou, China (Southwestern China). 

What We Do

We are dedicated to serving you the hearty home-cooked taste of fen (fen = rice noodle) originated from Guizhou (Southwestern China), a mountainous province with rainy weather. In Guizhou, fen is one of the most favored dishes where locals love pairing it with spicy and pickled vegetables as a way to dispel cold and humidity. It can be enjoyed at all times for any occasions - for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even late night snack. 

Passion & Love

Our menu is curated by Chef Shirley to incorporate the tradition and to present authenticity. As a Guizhou native, Shirley was born to be a true rice noodle enthusiast. Each noodle bowl is tailored specifically to best presents its own uniqueness from plating, aroma to taste.

Wholesome Quality

Our house special chili oil is made from scratch with aromatic Guizhou chili peppers and pickled radish & cabbage are house-made in small batches in strive to offering the best balance and freshest taste. 


Our signature Beef Rice Noodle Soup originated from Huaxi, Guizhou is packed with layers of flavor. The beef broth is prep daily with pounds of grass-fed beef bones, where bone marrow gets infused with more than forty different types of spices in bringing the most optimal taste.


The Spicy Chicken Rice Noodle, a dry-mixed noodle based on a family recipe with a slight twist to fit the palates of Westerners has been one of the most popular items on the menu

Our Mission

We are fully devoted to catering to both New Yorkers & travelers who seek the authentic taste of Guizhou. The beauty of Guizhou fen is limitless, from cold to hot, with soup to without soup. There are infinite potentials for diversity, it will be our mission at JUST FOR FEN to carry on the expansion.